Why Realtors Need a Social Media Mindset

People talk about mindset as what you decide to think about, when in reality mindset is less about what you think and all about HOW you think. The current podcast episode is a great illustration of that point. A successful Realtor describes how she came to understand... read more

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

We often set out to make major changes in our lives and never realize that small changes are the ones that can get you moving. The current podcast episode provides a few small changes that will reduce stress and give you instant results.... read more

Preparing Women and Girls to Run a Business

It happens to the best of us. You pick a career path only to later find it no longer provides what you were looking for. This is especially true for women. If you are female and wondered if you could run a business, Bonnie Frank thinks you can and in the current... read more

Stop Letting Self-Sabotage Be Your Best Friend

Self-sabotage can be described as an expressed desire that is in conflict with actual behavior. Behind that conflict are fairly complex emotions but generally fear is the driving force. The current podcast episode helps you recognize and break the patterns that have... read more

Farloft Author Does A Writer’s Master Class

Theresa Snyder is always a great guest and the current podcast episode is no different. She conducts a master class in not only writing but also the business side of her profession. http://traffic.libsyn.com/imagineradio/Farloft_Author_Does_A_Writers_Master_Class.mp3... read more

We Need Mandela Day for 365 Days

I learned that July 18th was national Mandela Day in South Africa and was encouraged that such a thoughtful man was once again being celebrated. The current podcast asks the question: why does it have to be just one day out of the year that we decide to think less... read more

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