Theresa Snyder is always a great guest and the current podcast episode is no different. She conducts a master class in not only writing but also the business side of her profession.

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Theresa is very well known for her character Farloft but she also has a large following in the paranormal genre. In this episode she provides a few details about her new book and gives hope to writers who struggle to set aside time to write every day. During our first chat she talked about how she works a full time job, takes care of an elderly Father and yet still manages time to work in a heavy schedule of writing. Not much has changed since then. It helps that she carries the characters around in her head as she puts it and when she finds a moment puts them down on paper. I find it amazing that she has several series planned using this approach for different story lines, especially Farloft the dragon.

If you have ever wondered how to get into a character’s head, you will enjoy her description of the method (literally) she employs when she is allowed to borrow a character from a member of a writing group. You’ll look at character development in a whole new light.

Theresa Snyder

Any new independent writer will tell you that after sweating to finally get their book written, they are then presented with the brick wall of how to promote the finished product. You’ll hear Theresa say that Social Media is one place to begin, but the downside of that avenue is that you are now confronted with the problem of how to make yourself stand out in a crowd of thousands. She provides some great ideas like eye catching gimmicks built around your characters to make you stand out at book fairs, she holds a monthly Twitter chat as her character Farloft, and even arranges swag with her character logos on it to call attention to her books. She has truly found her way around the business side of self promotion.

All of this seems to have paid off for Theresa because her website has a following of over 40,000 eager readers and Farloft has 8 pages of images on Google.  So if you are looking for some great paranormal entertainment, ideas on how to get your book written, or tackling the task of promoting it from the perspective of a creative; this is the podcast for you. An added benefit is that it is a fun interview that will make you run to the computer with renewed focus to finish your book so you can use some of the ideas she provides.

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