Cherrie-McKenzieCherrie McKenzie

Think of me as that friend who was always there to support you in your next big idea giving good advice on how to improve what you were working on. I’ve known the struggles of starting out with little backup first as a stockbroker and now a therapist. I also know that no matter how motivated you feel, what you think decides how you will act. I use gentle relaxation and visualization to help you change unproductive thinking and then provide tools that help you lay out a new way to achieve the success you deserve.

So where do you begin?

book cover 3BBCWant to take a 30 day adventure that will help support your “why” to get started on that career or business you’ve imagined? Waiting for you is a visualization ebook that will change your life: “Things You Need to Tell Yourself but Never Do” when you sign up to receive visualization and action updates available only to subscribers. Use the box on the right or at the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone. Go ahead… aren’t you ready to change your life?


Jayne Price, Denver Colorado, Realtor
“I’ll be the first to admit that I bought Mindful Relaxation but didn’t think it would work. To my surprise in under 30 days I found myself more focused and closing more sales. It’s strange how it helped me see what I needed to do and then do it. It works!”

Test pic 3Dani Wilton Los Angeles CA, Teacher
I tried “Financial Soulmate” with my boyfriend and was surprised where we were compatible and even more surprised by where we needed work. Now we know and our relationship is on a better footing and we’ve known each other for years.”


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