Why your thoughts matter…

The book “As a Man Thinketh” is ground breaking in its assessment of how mindset develops. Amazing since it was written over 100 years ago. the current podcast episode explores how this work is important to your success.... read more

An Exercise To Stop Limiting Yourself

I was finishing a project and a little tired as I stood back to take in that sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing something you have imagined come to life and my alternate brain asked the question: “so why did it take you so long ?” The current podcast... read more

Avoiding The Time Suck of Obligations

I recently watched a friend do something she really didn’t want to do, not because of any arm twisting by someone else but the internal pressure of a sense of obligation. We’ve all been there: Someone does a favor, often unrequested, and then you feel a sense of... read more

A Mindfulness Trick to Reset Any Busy Day

I’ve noticed a trend lately when doing stress reduction workshops that when I mention the word mindfulness several people immediately respond by telling me that they meditate, and are surprised when I tell them that it is much more. In the current podcast episode I... read more

Something Hidden in the Power of Sleep

I was listening a few days ago to Arianna Huffington promoting her new book on the benefits of sleep, and realized it has gone mainstream. As someone who works with sleep to develop motivation, the current podcast I hope will remove some of the mystery surrounding... read more

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