The Motivation Magic That is NOT Magic

I was doing a workshop a few days ago and talking to a group about the motivational benefits of visualization relaxation and how it helps focus for better working results. I realized that most people think of the two as very separate things when to a large extent that... read more

The Dark side of social Media

Social Media can be a wonderful thing that helps me connect with great people all over the world. People like Heather in South Africa who loves to discuss tennis or Marko in Croatia who is a computer wiz and shares my love of photography. I visualize them as friends.... read more

Changing Direction to Connect With You…

Sometimes you have to go in a different direction to reach the same goal. The current podcast episodetells you why a change was necessary and where I hope it will take us. I don’t know if it is the weather or the fact that it is spring but the last few weeks I’ve been... read more

Facing Fears Not As Scary As You Think

Recently I posted a quote on fear and was blown away by the response and the current podcast episode walks you through what happened. I’m not talking about the walking through the cemetery at midnight type of fear but the kind that softly speaks poison in your ear and... read more

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