Traveling the world for fun and to explore is a dream for some. Amber and Eric Hoffman, two foodies, decided to go beyond dreaming and found a way to make it work. In the current podcast episode they outline how they made their decision and what they do to maintain their digital lifestyle

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Seeing the world one city at a time is often viewed as something that only millionaires can afford to do; but Amber a tax attorney and Eric an advertising sales executive are far from millionaires. Their traveling adventure began with a 14 month tour. What they discovered when they returned was that the trip had changed them to the point they could no longer return to their old lives. This meant saving and the sacrifices that came with getting the money they thought they needed to take off again. I had to smile as Amber described as soon as they hit their amount they were selling possessions and buying airline tickets to strike out again.

Listening to them you quickly understand that they are learning as they go along, first living off savings and then finding a way to make the lifestyle sustainable. Blogging and working with brands in addition to developing an online business through amazon has allowed them to review and meet many high-end Master Chefs while having a steady income. A foodie’s dream come true!

For those of you thinking that their days are spent leisurely sipping a drink on the beach, With Husband In Towyes there are those days, but for the most part there is a division of labor that works like a well-oiled machine to keep the wheels turning. This well-oiled machine part means they are constantly working with clients, looking after their businesses, all while traveling to and blogging about different locations. The lifestyle is fun but both also admit involves a certain amount of give and take that comes with traveling and working 24/7 with a life and business partner. You get a sense of that as you hear them finish each other’s sentences.

I found myself feeling very proud of them for adapting and developing new skill sets to fit each new city or country as they described recently spending 18 months on the road. Very few places needed their old skills but these kinds of adventures help you discover what you are really made of in terms of drive and creativity. Eric makes an excellent point that once you strike out opportunities will present themselves but you have to be in the odd place for them to occur. Perfect example was a guy they met in Bali who gave them the idea of the amazon business that now supports their travels.

Amber is keen on letting you know that luck has nothing to do with having this lifestyle. It involves a great deal of work but also the flexibility to take a nap or decide you just want to slow down and take a break in one place for a while. You determine your workflow and that for any entrepreneur is nirvana.

Becoming a digital nomad may not be for everyone. However, when you listen to these two you begin to realize it is possible for an average person willing to sacrifice and test their creativity to maintain the lifestyle. And oh yes, I see a trip in your future…

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