As some of you have probably noticed there have been some dramatic changes to the website. They’ve have been in the works for a while and are the fulfillment of my new mantras: “Turning should into must”. No matter your situation we are always confronted with reasons to avoid change and I want you to understand how I have chosen to deal with it.

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Having worked 11 years as a stockbroker and now a therapist coach, I understand the business cycle as well as dealing with the motivational roadblocks that occur in starting any venture, and can relate to my own as well as the struggles of others. I’ve done numerous trainings to help people relax and then allow themselves to find out what is stopping them from doing the things they say they want. I use the phrase “allow themselves” because so often we say we want something and yet can’t seem to explain why we can’t put the puzzle together. This occurs because you may not be following a path that is right for you but are simply following what you’ve seen others do. During my trainings, through a relaxation process each person is able to have a conversation with themselves to understand and solve the situation facing them. Very simply, I tell them a story embedded with metaphors (or double meanings) that they can interpret into a message that has meaning for them. Once done, I begin the process of showing them how they can now translate their discovered desires into actionable steps either through goals on a personal level, using things like social media for marketing their businesses, or something as simple as how to use networking to make their dreams a reality. The process is so effective that a number of clients asked me to record several of my sessions so they could listen anytime or give them to friends to help them understand how they too might be blocked.

This brings me back to the relaunch of the website. The Coactive Dreams podcast had taken off and provided examples of people who have faced challenges who tell how they were able to get over them but the conversation with yourself, which is probably one of the most important parts, had become secondary. Relaunching the website with the recorded sessions as a major focus was designed to correct this oversight. I firmly believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and every recorded session on the site is designed to create a relaxed state, a story with embedded suggestions that will cause the listener to fill in the blanks with meaning to release levels of confidence and creativity.

To help clarify the process I’ve included a short video of a session with a young woman who experienced one of the stories and says right into the camera “I have trouble relaxing and didn’t think you could help me relax.” Later she admits that she imagined herself transported to a garden mentioned in the story and is carrying a suitcase (which is never mentioned in the story by the way). She remembers putting the suitcase down and picking it up several times and it is only when she is ready to leave the garden that she realizes she no longer has the suitcase. You’ll hear her interpret the suitcase as all the baggage she was carrying around and realizing she could it go. The process is simple and yet very powerful.

In line with the website changes I have also developed a monthly newsletter that will deliver ideas, updates and tools available only to subscribers. I’m going in that direction because subscribing implies to me a level of commitment that I want to reward and support.

And so, by all means browse around the new website and Feel free to give feedback on what you think. (I’d love to hear from you). This is the perfect time for you to begin to think about a new direction for the coming year and I want you to let me be a part of turning your should into must.