The entrepreneur Esendemir sisters started out to open a restaurant and ended as a story full of suspense, trials, and ultimately overcoming the odds of starting a business. In This current podcast they tell a story with many twists and turns that will leave you feeling good and also proud of three gutsy women.

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Hearing the Esendemir sisters tell their story of opening the Flatbread Grill you mentally experience a movie in your head of three young women who had been through the up’s and down’s of their Father being a successful entrepreneur and then overnight losing it all. For the average person this would have been enough trauma to cause them to vote for safety the rest of their lives.

As the sisters told their story I found myself listening in a way that only someone who has grown up in a family of siblings could to some of the tensions that can Esendemir_Sisters_Flatbread_Grill 2exist among you, and yet understanding how they were able to put away grudges and answer to a sense of loyalty. Dramatic things had happened to them on a personal level and then their parent’s were threatened by health problems. These three women were able to summon courage and once again decided to take the risk to open a restaurant during a time when everyone was scared to death of the coming recession. Talk about pressure, when their father mortgaged the family home to finance the venture and their bet hinged on being successful or being homeless and you too will marvel at their efforts.

Their attention to detail in making a quality product with fresh ingredients and doing every job you could imagine for the restaurant helped them weather the storm and was rewarded with word of mouth buzz that helped the restaurant take off. You can picture the struggle involved but I also found myself smiling that they still remain humble as they celebrate their success. Celebrate and begin the work of opening another restaurant.

Get some popcorn and a box of tissue as you settle in to listen to a made for TV movie in your head. And, spoiler alert: Be prepared to come away inspired to chase your dreams while understanding that you will make mistakes along the path to success.

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