We take our memories for granted and assume that because we remember, they will always exist. It’s not clear to us that to a great extent our memories die with us. But Vicky Beal wants to change all that.

Memories 3

This episode explores the idea that our memories could disappear, which reminded me of Rutger Hauer’s monologue near the end of the movie Blade Runner. He eloquently described all the things he’d seen and how they would die with him “Like tears in rain.” So Vicky Beals’s Memory Keepers Project created great interest on my part because she wants to archive memories primarily of the boomer generation. Not just any memory but -Lr923Vn_400x400memories that caused them to change direction, view the world in a different light, or defined their lives.

You will be touched as you listen to Vicky describe her ah ha moment following the death of a relative and the break down of a relationship. It was at this point she became like the Blade Runner character and developed her plan to tell the moment in time aspect of as many people who would allow her to listen and record. As she puts it “I want them to know that their lives matter”.

Vicky has big plans: she wants to join with writers to do a book of short stories based on what she is recording, in addition to her photographs of the subjects providing the stories. She does not lack for subject material because the boomers did some amazing things. Listen and prepare to remember…

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