Mention introverts and you get descriptions that can run from the Meyers Briggs personality type to being shy. Patricia Weber says the two aren’t the same and should not limit you if you play to your strengths. The podcast episode helps you understand what is an introvert and how to use your strengths to achieve goals or advance your career.
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I invited Patricia Weber to be a guest on the podcast because in my practice I still encounter people who are not aware they are introverts and have been told by others there was something wrong with them. She quickly puts that thinking to rest by explaining we all are introverts or extraverts to a degree. The dividing line comes where some of us prefer one a little more than the other. Once you understand this preference you realize it is simply how you interact with the world.

As you listen to her describe some of the struggles introverts go through you instantly know she gets it and is more than prepared to show you the ropes of moving beyond the label “introvert” because she has done it. She has had a great career Patricia Weberdespite being an introvert herself and comes armed with wit and ideas that she highlights from her upcoming book: “Communication Toolkit for Introverts”.

Being an introvert is all about the drain of the people you meet and living to a degree in your thoughts and ideas. Patricia details during our Skype chat how to plan your encounters in a way that plays to your strengths, like scouting out who will be at the meeting or negotiating the right time to discuss an item. You may not be the lampshade on the head life of the party; but there are very definite skills you bring to the gathering, things like planning, analyzing, and researching. These are all things that can help your group project or business and need to be heard. Once you understand the situations that work for you, you can begin to project your ideas without being something you’re not. Listening to her descriptions opens a whole new world of possibilities that let you know your personality is more than enough… you just have to accept that maybe group small talk is not where you want to be.

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